[Twitter] 130818-19 Junsu updates: I’m so thankful

I’m so thankful for your ardent shoutings applauses in the both of today’s performances^^
See you on Wednesday~
Xiah-Tod will be back after a short break..ㅎ


After the end of my performance on Thursday, my mother asked me.
Mom: Why did you not make a breathing sound before you started The Last Dance, like in the the first showing?
Me: …Eh? But that time in the second stage I did, just like I had been doing ever since the first performance?
Mom: But I didn’t hear it?
Hehe so it’s like that.. I guess each time at that timing the mic wasn’t turned on

I was unaware of what happened and I did the “breath acting” all by myself.. hehe. Yesterday before my 2nd stage (Sunday performance) I asked for a favor from the director as soon as I went to the performance venue. “When the chime bell rings, please turn on the mic before I enter the stage for the bridge passage!” I said. Ever since Sunday performance yesterday I’ve made breathing sounds, just like in the premiere keke

Ah! It wasn’t the sound team’s fault ^^ Only because we didn’t talk about it like we did for the first showing, and because I was late in joining the cast… so there was no promise made in advance. In the future, I will let you hear many types of breathing sounds~~

Source: @1215thexiahtic
Translated by: @theyoungestmin

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