[Twitter] 130819 Seungri updates: #LetsTalkAboutSeungri

China 🇨🇳 Best MV chart ! V chart Rank 1 !!!!!!! My MV ‘ Gotta Talk to U ‘ !! OmG Thank U China VIP!!

This is Crazy!!! Hong kong i tunes Album chart Rank 3 !!!!!My album ‘ Let’s talk about Love ‘ Thank U Hong kong ❤

Plz Kill me Mexico i tunes PoP chart rank 4 – 1 . Lady gaga 2 . Daft punk 3 . Bruno mars .. It’s like Dream

Philippines , Singapore , Malaysia i tunes Pop Chart Rank 1 !!!!!!!!! The Roof is on Fire!!!!!

Thank U Thank U Indonesia!! T.T Pop chart Rank 1 ‘Let’s talk about Love’

Thailand itunes album chart Rank 1 !!!!!!!! T.T thank U thailand …. i love U guys..❤

Taiwan!!! So beautiful!!! Taiwan itunes pop chart Rank 1 !!! Thank U Taiwan VIP!!

OMG U.S.A 🇺🇸 itunes Album chart Rank 19 !!!!!! It’s like a Dream to me!!! @.@

Source: @forvictoRi


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