Park Yoochun’s movie debut is an exception to the norm

As an idol group member, Park Yoochun’s advance into the movie world catches the eye.

Park Yoochun will make his movie debut with ‘Sea Fog’ (director Shim Sung-bo). His official acting debut was 3 years ago with ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ and now he will meet the audience through the big screen.

Park Yoochun’s movie debut draws our attention in many areas. A marked difference from the usual style of idol stars, he chose the “frontal attack method” which is most striking.

Celebrities making their movie debut usually stick to genres like love comedies which will maximise their box office power. Or they do movies that are specially planned for foreign markets like Japan where the Korean wave (Hallyu) is very popular.

But Park Yoochun chose a serious and heavy work where people with real abilities in the movie world gathered.

Among the Korean movies that will start filming in the later half of the year, ‘Sea Fog’ is highly anticipated.

It is the first movie to be produced by Bong Jun-ho, director of ‘Snow Piercer’; this alone draws much attention.

It is directed by Shim Sung-bo who worked together with Bong in 2003 ‘Memories of Murder’ as the screenwriter.

The rest of the staff are also magnificent. Hong Kyung-pyo, the cinematographer for ‘Snow Piercer’ and ‘Taegukgi: Brotherhood of War’, is also in this. It is truly the “cooperative work of the dream team”.

Park Yoochun’s participation in ‘Sea Fog’ is an exception in the movie world.

A singer and an actor with no movie experience participating in a thriller movie already catches the eye from the start.

In addition, his counterpart in the movie is Kim Yoon-seok, an actor that represents Chungmuro. The synergistic effect produced when a rookie meets a veteran in the movie is one reason for the high anticipation.

When Park Yoochun received the offer from the production company, he gave it serious thought.

Although he was interested by the fact that the producer is Bong Jun-ho and the main actor is Kim Yoon-seok, it is a dark story with a certain amount of brutal content and so it is considered to be a kind of “risk” for him.

There were many actors in their 20s who wanted this role in ‘Sea Fog’ that Park Yoochun is playing. A member of a very popular group was very interested in it; a Hallyu actor in his 30s also wanted to be part of this.

Amidst all this, Park Yoochun’s participation in ‘Sea Fog’ can be said to be the result of his potential being certified.

From his debut work ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, then ‘Miss Ripley’, ‘Rooftop Prince’ and recently ‘Missing You’, Park Yuchun has acted in different genres like historical drama, romantic comedy and love dramas; he was also successful in viewer ratings.

Park Yoochun has always had high ambitions for his acting skills and his works; it is said that when he received the script for ‘Sea Fog’, he was immediately totally absorbed in the storyline.

He will start filming for ‘Sea Fog’ in October. Now he is focusing on the preparation work and getting advice from Sul Kyung Ku and Lee Jung Jae who recently joined his agency.

Source: Sports Donga
Kor-Chin trans by: 暖日呀呀
Chin-Eng trans by: Christie
Shared by: JYJ3


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