Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun impresses the cast and staff of ‘Passionate Love’ during script reading

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun and her fellow castmates were all smiles during their script reading for SBS‘ new weekend drama ‘Passionate Love‘.

Seohyun, Sung Hoon, Choi Yoon Young, Jun Mi SunJun Kwang Ryul, Woo Hee Jin, and more attended their first script reading session at the SBS Tanhyeon Production Center. The cast and staff got deep into the script during the 4-hour long session with child actors acting out their onscreen romance and the veteran cast showing their instant chemistry. Seohyun, who is taking on her first regular role in a production, also impressed her peers with her sincere and realistic acting.

As mentioned previously, main leads Sung Hoon and Choi Yoon Young will play star-crossed lovers. Sung Hoon will play the role of Kang Moo Yeol who seems to have it all on the outside, but grows up with family issues and pain from the loss of his former love Han Yoo Rim (played by Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun). Choi Yoon Young will play the role of Han Yoo Rim’s sister, Han Yoo Jung, who loses her family, but doesn’t let that stop her from moving forward in her life. She ends up getting involved with Kang Moo Yeol 10 years later.

‘Passionate Love’ will premiere following ‘Wonderful Mama‘ on September 28!

Credit: allkpop


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