[Twitter] 130904 Junsu updates: Thank you so much..

I really want to come out just for everyone… but even though I’m still waiting here.. the theater side.. said that I just can’t….ㅜ

To everyone who cheered and shouted all this while, I sincerely thank you.

Because I just couldn’t handle it.. I just came out~heh What’s so difficult anyway about greeting for a mere 10 seconds the audience who has been clapping their hands for 3 hours today? heh. Am I not right? What’s in a lifetime (anyway)?ㅋ Please safely go back home^^

Thank you so much.. I will greet you again with another good work (project).^^


Source: @1215thexiahtic
Translated by: @Sheenathe6004 + pvtse@JYJ3


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