[Video|Trans] 130905 Jaejoong at 2013 Seoul International Drama Awards Red Carpet


MC: Hallyu star~ JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has come. Welcome~

MC: As Kim Kyungtak in Dr. Jin, he has..????? [can’t hear this part ><] Oh~ His outfit is very nice today right? Hello Kim Jaejoong-ssi. Please give your greeting

JJ: Ne it’s been a while. Thank you, thank you for coming.

MC: Ne this sweet and mellow voice. A while ago, you narrated for ‘The Zoo is Alive 2′. How was that?

JJ: Since it was my first time, I was a bit nervous. (asking MC) How was it? Did you see it? I was very moved. Haha.

MC: For a while, fans from overseas were waiting to Kim Jaejoong-ssi. Please greet them

JJ: Hello! Oh where…. I see that there are even fans who came from the West. Thank you for coming from so far away.

MC: Please send them a heart, with your body.
This side too please~
He says he loves you~
One second, they want to take more pictures of you
Please send a heart one more time

MC: If there is anything else you guys want to ask him, please say it.

Fans chanting ‘Sing! Sing’

MC: What should we do, sing? Just a bit? I will ask you for just two favours… Take off your jacket and sing~

MC: Scream Kim Jaejoong after I count 1,2,3, then he’ll take it off, got it?

MC & fans: 1,2,3 Kim Jaejoong!!

MC: Thank you. Please turn around once~~ for fanservice. Ah, you’re so handsome.

MC: If you sing a bit, I will let you go.

JJ: It’s a bit embarrassing for me to sing in a place like this…I’ll sing a short bit~
/sings Living Like a Dream/
I’m sorry

MC: He let us hear his sweet and mellow voice… it was great right?
He took off his jacket, sang for us, and even turned around for us.. (to fans) you guys don’t have any other wishes right?
Thank you Kim Jaejoong-ssi…
JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong!!

Credit: Nhokshockqnss | Translated by: @ohmyjunsu


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