[Twitter] 130910 Jungshin update: I will be going to Singapore and Taiwan

Hi it’s JungShin. I will be going to Singapore and Taiwan for this Kpop STARHUNT3! It’s lonely that I’m going alone… Yes, it’s regretful that it’s just me alone.. Even so..I will be running over if you like..ㅋㅋSorry that Yong-Jjong-Ming will not be going together. Anyway–!! I am happy to be seeing everyone whom I’ve not seen in a while! I’m telling you a secret just out of the blue… I’ve grown taller… 187.4cm…I grew a little taller this time. It is not about the environment nor the schedule that I grew.. Several people kept saying I’m about 190cm, it’s not.. I’m going to stop growing taller now.. I hope that the measuring instrument at the hospital has got an error – will take the airplane tomorrow. I will see you soon~ ㅋㅋ.

Source: @CNBLUE_4
Translated by: gera@cnbluestorm


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