[Trans] 130912 C-JeS Official Site Update: Please Be Wary Of People Impersonating JYJ’s Representatives And Spreading False Information

This is C-JeS Entertainment.

We would like to bring to your attention to the Twitter account of a person who recently impersonated a representative of JYJ.

We have discovered that this person called ‘Yuichi Sasahara’ has created various posts regarding JYJ’s activities through his Twitter account (@cashboxman). However, we would like to notify you that both our agency and JYJ have no connection whatsoever to Yuichi Sasahara, or any companies related to him, and we have never passed on any information to him.

We know that misunderstandings may have arisen about JYJ’s management due to the posts that have been spread through Yuichi Sasahara’s Twitter account, but JYJ themselves have already stated that they will continue to work with C-JeS in the future.

Moreover, we would like to emphasize that his claim on Twitter that, ‘Yuichi Sasahara and JYJ have met before’ is completely false. We have also verified that he has made many posts attacking our agency and JYJ’s families. We will lodge a complaint against Yuichi Sasahara for spreading false information about JYJ’s activities, as well as attacking our agency and JYJ’s families, and request that he delete his posts immediately. We will also send him a warning so that such events do that happen again.

We would like to urge fans to stay wary in the future as our agency and JYJ cannot take responsibility for any damages that may arise from false information that was not released through our agency’s official homepage, or that is different from the posted official information.

Thank you.

Source: C-JeS Official Homepage
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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