Jeong In-Gi joins ‘Sea Fog’, acting together with Kim Yoon-seok and Park Yoochun

Actor Jeong In-Gi will join the movie ‘Sea Fog’, the production by Director Bong Joon-ho and starring Kim Yoon-seok and Park Yoochun.

On the 13th, Jeong In-Gi’s agency announced, “Jeong In-Gi was casted for the role of the stowaway Oh Nam-yeok in ‘Sea Fog’.”

In the movie Jeong In-Gi will act the role of Oh Nam-yeok that consorts between the crew members and the stowaways, ‘Sea Fog’ being about crew members at odds with one another onbroad a smuggling ship out at sea.

In the movie to be directed by the screenwriter of ‘Memories of Murder’ Shim Sung-bo, Jung Yoo-mi is considering the role for Hongmae and acting opposite of Park Yoochun to form a love line.

Currently Jeong In-Gi is appearing as Sol Kyung-gu’s superior in ‘The Spy’ now showing, and the thriller ‘The Fives’ release upcoming.

Source: No Cut News via Daum
Translated by: rilanna@JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


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