JYJ Kim Junsu, 150,000 ticket applications for Nagoya & Yokohama concerts.”Amazing ticket power”

JYJ’s XIA Kim Junsu received more than 150,000 ticket applications for his Nagoya and Yokohama concerts in Japan.

CJES Entertainment stated, “Interest from Japanese fans to XIA Junsu’s six concerts in two cities is hot. For the Nagoya concerts scheduled for October 8th to 10th, there are a total of 24,000 seats but we received 50,000 applications. For the Yokohama Arena concerts scheduled for October 14th to 16th, there are a total of 33,000 seats but we received more than 100,000 ticket applications. For 57,000 seats, we received over 150,000 applications.”

In July, XIA Junsu’s second album received praises for being a ‘complex album’ and achieved extraordinary results. When the title song ‘Incredible’ was released, the song reached #1 on the iTunes Dance and Album charts in 8 countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore. It was also #1 on Japan’s Tower Records chart, and was #1 on China’s largest music video site Yinyuetai’s weekly chart, receiving much love domestically and internationally.

A representative said, “Anticipation for XIA Junsu’s high standard music and performances and the fact that he will meet fans not in Tokyo but in Nagoya and Yokohama have received high interest from Japanese fans. The lottery for tickets hasn’t happened yet*, but with absolutely no Japanese activities, we received over 150,000 ticket applications in just one week after applications opened. That is astonishing. As there is still time until fans receive their tickets, we anticipate that more fans will be pressed (to look for tickets).”

On the other hand, JYJ’s XIA Junsu began his Asia tour along with the release of his second album. Starting on July 20th in Bangkok, he held successful concerts in Shanghai, Seoul and Busan. After his concert on September 28th in Australia, he will continue with his Japan tour.

Source: Top Star News
Translated by: @ohmyjunsu
Shared by: JYJ3


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