Girls’ Generation Releases New Photobook Showing Off Chic Style for “Baby-G”

Girls’ Generation Releases New Photobook Showing Off Chic Style for “Baby-G”

The world famous girl group Girls’ Generation has released a new photo book withCasio that shows off their charisma and stunning eyes.

During a press release on the October 4, Casio released a statement saying, “We have teamed up with Girls’ Generation to promote our new line up of watches titled ‘Real BABY-G’. Both Girls’ Generation and Baby-G are coming out with new styles for this event. The usually cute and lively Girls’ Generation will display a new chic and mature style that will capture the hearts of our customers.”

Girls’ Generation created an exciting and positive atmosphere on the photo set with their signature smiles and lively energy. Each member displayed their individual styles gracefully and with lots of charisma.

A source related to Casio said, “By combining Girls’ Generation’s various styles and Baby G, we have created an exciting and new synergy. Not only are the designs great, but the various functions of our watches match the various charms of the Girls’ Generation  members. The ‘real’ images of Girls’ Generation  will make this release a special event for the fans.”

A video showing Girls’ Generation ‘s lively mood during the photoshoot will be released in the middle of October.

The “Real BABY-G” watches come in 9 different models, with each member representing one of the models.

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Credit: soompi


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