[Instagram] 131001-06 Heechul updates

Got burst by Kangin while bursting in emotions. We (planned) in advanced (for him) to just push (my head) slightly but this cow bastard Kangin threw me a knuckle punch


Short hair I loved. When will I be able to grow it out that long againㅡㅡ


I cover my ears and try listening to you. I close my two eyes and try drawing you…. I’m lingering


Normal expression vs funny expression. But if both sides look like beggars, then it is a fail..

Memory’s “Put your hands up except for people who are driving”


Today i’ll appear at SBS Power FM Park Sohyun’s Love Game at 6PM


In my memory~ Although Lee Hongki is just plain noisy but he is really good in singing. Hongsi Hongsi’s sorrowful voice seems to be inborn in him. FT ISLAND-Memory. Since this is Space Big Stargram, so the photo is my face


I want to go to China~

Source: kimheenim
Translated by: ‏@teukables + @NKSubs + @heechulfacts
Video cr: kpopinstagram


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