BoA wins a YG Cafeteria meal ticket from G-Dragon on ‘Infinity Challenge’

On the October 19th broadcast of MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge’, BoA, G-Dragon, and more came together for a fun karaoke and raffle event on a river boat cruise prior to the music festival.
BoA and Gil performed the famous trot song Joo Hyun Mi’s “Crush” while G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don performed a song from old school YG group Jinusean and their hit 1997 song featuring Uhm Jung Hwa, “Tell Me”. During the raffle event, the guests brought in their own prizes to give out and BoA’s number was called for G-Dragon’s prize of a 20-meal voucher to use at YG Cafeteria. The team hilariously pointed out, “But she’s SM”, creating an awkward moment and G-Dragon giggled as BoA accepted the prize.
Check out their performances below!
Source: MBCentertainment 

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