Jaejoong Shows Through “Esquire” He Is Happy with His Looks

Jaejoong Shows Through “Esquire” He Is Happy with His Looks

Jaejoong of JYJ recently had a photo shoot with “Esquire” magazine days before the release of his first solo album.

In the photos released for preview, Jaejoong revealed his sexy body with a mysterious gaze in his eyes. He displays charisma with a strong facial expression and shows off just how perfectly he fits into a suit.

The photographer of the shoot praised Jaejoong saying, “He seems to know how every cell in his body should move without calculating it in his head. No cuts were a waste. He is a great model.”

Kim Jae Joong

In the interview, which was held during the shoot, Jaejoong covered various topics including his solo album, music, acting, and love. “I feel my age is meaningless. I like the way I look now. As time passes I realize expressing myself in this way and at times letting go of myself is what happiness is.” He also displayed his affection for his group members saying, “JYJ is complete when the three are together. They give me strength for just being there.”

The pictorial will be featured in the November issue of “Esquire,” and Jaejoong’s first solo album, “WWW (Who, When, Why)” will be released on October 29.

Kim Jae Joong

Credit: soompi


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