JYJ Jaejoong’s Upcoming Album Expected To Be An Impressive Mix Of Talents

Since the announcement that JYJ member Kim Jaejoong would be releasing his first full-length solo album, WWW, at the end of this month, fans have been super stoked to see what the talented singer plans to bring to the table.

In the past couple weeks, fans have gotten a taste of what is in store with teaser images, details revealed by the singer’s agency, and the pre-release track “A Sunny Day.”

C-JeS previously revealed that Jaejoong had spent months preparing for the album release and that album will make a strong statement with rock’n’roll sounds.

On October 18, the full track list was released to the public, and in it, some surprising details.

Not only is “A Sunny Day” featuring Lee Sang Gon of Noel receiving a lot of attention and praise, but there is significant buzz about the JYJ member’s collaborations with B2ST member Yong JunHyung for the track “Don’t Walk Away” and YB’s Yoon Do Hyun for another song “Luvholic.”

Those aren’t the only iconic names involved in the making of WWW. Jaejoong enlisted the help of iconic Japanese rock bland Glay’s Takuro, Blackstreet composer D.Brown, and a incredible number of Korean rock musicians like drummer Hyesung (of metal band PIA), guitarist Hullang, and bassist KiBum.

Additionally, nearly every single track has Jaejoong’s hands on it somewhere. Fans are expected to be impressed by Jaejoong’s original lyrics in 10 of the 13 songs, as well as his talents in composing and arranging the tunes.

WWW stands for ‘Who, When, Why’ and will embody a variety of rock genres including metal, punk, and Brit pop, among others. The album is set to drop on October 29.

Check out the full tracklist below.

01. 빛 (Light)–Lyrics by Kim Jaejoong
02. Don’t Walk Away (Feat. Yong JunHyung of B2ST)–Lyrics by Kim Jaejoong
03. Just Another Girl–Lyrics by Kim Jaejoong
04. Butterfly–Lyrics by Kim Jaejoong
05. Rotten Love–Lyrics and Composition by Kim Jaejoong
06. 햇살 좋은 날 (Sunny Day Feat. Lee Sanggon of Noel)
07. Let the Rhythm Flow–Lyrics by Kim Jaejoong
08. 그랬지 (It is)–Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement by Kim Jaejoong
09. Now Is Good— Lyrics and Composition by Yoon DoHyun of YB
10. 9+1#— Lyrics and Composition by Kim Jaejoong
11. Luvholic (feat. Yoon DoHyun of YB)
12. Modem Beat–Lyrics by Kim Jaejoong; Lyrics and Composition by TAKURO of Glay
13. Paradise–Lyrics and Composition by Kim Jaejoong

Credit: kpopstarz


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