[Twitter] 131010-20 CNBLUE Updates

131010 – Minhyuk

Hello it’s been so long~! I’ve been hiding for a while.. I’d like to introduce my father who’s like a friend.. Didn’t it come out well? Honestly I look better right?ㅋ But suddenly I miss my dad.. Catch Chanyoung and his father tonight at 10PM! Please look forward to sbs “The Heirs”!


101018 – Yonghwa

Everyone! Seju here!ㅋ Have you watched the 1st and 2nd episode of “Marry Him If You Dare”? Thank you for giving me a lot of support. I will work harder in the future~! Ah, and also! I’m sorry Lee Joon hyun I couldn’t attend the premiere of “Rough Play”~Congratulations for being able to act like you’ve always wanted to~^^ Hwaiting! Will do our best for Jakarta concert! Beware of the colds!^^


131018 – Jonghyun

Hello. Guitarist Jonghyun here! We have arrived safely in Jakarta! As promised!ㅎ


131018 – Minhyuk

Proof shot from Galaxy Note 3 I got as gift!
A commemorative shot since it’s the first time I come to Indonesia!
CNBLUE’s concert, dramas hopefully all will turn out well~ one shot!
See you at the concert tomorrow!
p.s Yonghwa hyung and Jungshinnie photo bomb?!


131020 – Jonghyun

Hello. Guitarist Jonghyun here. We’ve made a great memory in Jakarta^^ We’ll remember today’s concert! Thank you for making us go back happily. We enjoyed the concert~


Source: @CNBLUE_4
Translated by: Fizzy @cnbluestorm



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