[Twitter] 131011-20 Siwon updates

2008, 2013.. did we change a lot? so much happenings :^) thank you as always.. 🙂

see you soon beijing :^) pic.twitter.com/YPsNeckj9E

gnittttteeeeeee! pic.twitter.com/GrimMOfUo6

two idiots @AllRiseSilver and @donghae861015 happy birthday again MR.이동핵 booom! :^)

it is my custom to give birthday cakes to people who birth :^D !! pic.twitter.com/RI6iDU0sA8

One fine day. with @InnoseanTeddy@junostweetpic.twitter.com/kiroh98l9x

Im still shooting. good night :^) pic.twitter.com/Bgy70d2hW1

#nowplaying 오늘그대본다면 – BoA pic.twitter.com/eSbgGXUUSq

Im his BIGGGGGG fan now. @jeremypiven without any doubt, he is the best! :^)

hey world. look forward to the November edition of ARENA magazine :^) pic.twitter.com/1P7EOB6hrv

check this house! we should support them http://www.ralphlauren.co.kr/thewalk 

jet lag.

Source: @siwon407


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