[Instagram|Weibo] 131007-22 Heechul updates



Kim Bipolar (20) and Kim Kangin(30) are excited to be a radio DJ after a long time

Going out after a long time. The scenery is great but the wind is blowing quite hard. I want to drive to a place without buildings, and have a picnic somewhere. If only Kangin is on <Sukira> today, I might be talking with birds, deers, and fish in some forest…^-^ Fish is Lee Donghae’s nickname… Ah Lee Donghae, that guy, wore my zzinpang tshirt as his pajamas and went to sleep wearing it. I caught him this morning. Ah angry angry~


Is this how you reblog it? Can you see it?  [抓狂][抓狂]

The big brother who takes care of me is back @希天才(heechul)

22hc 22hc

In the end, Kangin’s interview was cut off again, unable to overcome the wall of 14 seconds limit of instagram http://instagram.com/p/fuvYjSo-d3/ 


Sungminnie who caught a bad cold. When you eat medicine again and again when you catch a cold, its even worse. I have to cook a lot of pumpkins for him. Lee Sungmin-pumpkin=0


i cried, but crying is not my character, so i have to hold it all in, today i was really touched in korea, i’ll come frequently! :[嘻嘻][嘻嘻] as expected, i survived. If i am ablaze (with passion), 1000 more years is not enough [右哼哼][右哼哼]


The adorable Henry said:“As expected(,) its hyung,your popularity in China is really high!”。Thats right(,) my little brother henry,Little Mi Secretary translated(beam). Zhoumi wrote it for me but now that he is not beside me(,) I’ll (write) in Korean. [吃惊][吃惊]


Heenim, Shindong, and Gunhee. Strong trio’s second show show show!! With cutie assistant, Sulli is the truth(Jinli), Sulli kkkk Ah they keep not following the plans kkk anyways there’s not much left, let’s all have strength.

Heenim, Shindong, Gunhee’s show show show for those who have received stress! It’s cold outside, so behave well and stay home(>_<)/ anyways I’m wearing a sleeveless shirt.. Gunhee bastard was still doing that till the end kk


I put depressing feelings down, and finished showering. Let’s have a happy day. Ah my heart is beating fast. How long has it been since I heard “Kim Heechul.”(written in Chinese)… Yes that’s right… I am Kim Heechul!! So an erotic shower cut that fits me~

Love Disease… “Shindong-ssi where are you going?” Beijing Beijing bbuing bbuing. Sadly, I was unable to overcome the wall of Instagram 14seconds limit and Kangin’s interview was cut^-^ but how come Iphone can change camera from back to front, but galaxy can’t? Is it just mine doing that?


Super Junior-Love Disease. Been stuck with this song lately.. Because the lyrics are sad..ㅠㅠ http://instagram.com/p/fnS-wiI-el/ 

I’m going tomorrow so don’t worry that you didn’t see me (at airport today). I’m really excited, and I am preparing a new hairstyle with GunHee to show in Beijing. The reason I sound like this is so that it’ll be easier for you guys to run translators.




Park Hyungsik sent me this image of my show-stopping performance. A lot of text messages cameㅋㅋㅋㅋMost of the texts said ‘Did you write your own lines?’, ‘Those were just adlibs right? (on the spot lines)’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋWith this, i kept my promise with Eunsook noona, and find out why I filmed this (the heirs) in <War of Words>^-^ Is it next week’s broadcast or this week’s broadcast?


Wa it’s cold. Today, I have an important meeting with ‘기안84′ and ‘이말년’ so I dressed up, unlike my usual style, but it’s very cold outside. Watch out so you don’t catch a cold, and it’s best if you don’t eat cold medicine. The reason I am strong is because I don’t take drugs(medicine) and shots!! (This sounds weird) Let’s drink warm water.




Ah.. Lee Donghae, that guy, is avoiding me and is sleeping at his brother’s house. Since he isn’t in the dorm, I can’t throw birthday punches at him. I’m so sad, tears are formingㅠㅠ I am also a man with many tears….^-^


If Ryeowook has Hyungsik, Donghae has Minhyuk. With <The Heirs> ChanYoung-ee. After doing some deals with Kim EunSook noona, I did a cameo for <The Heirs>. Check on <War of Words> on how I became close with EunSook noona and why I recorded (the drama). Please also watch <The Heirs> a lot. It’s very funny. Let’s hit 90% viewing rate when I appear on it.



With Im Changjung who sang ‘a guy like me’. The two of us are in the midst of eating through the nose like elephant ahjussis. I liked ‘Reason of waiting’ the most. I liked ‘Look like me’ too. I liked ‘Happy Together’ too and ‘Sad monologue’ was so sad.. He has too many great songs so I can’t pick just one♥


After eating with Im Changjung-hyung(,) I came home(,) washed up(,) laid down and thought that (he) was such a cute hyung. He said that he is happy that he is busier than idols lately, and looking at him when he talks about his fans(,) really(,) he is a handsome person. After many years(,) will I also have a junior that I would be able to have enjoyable talks with? I am envious of Changjunggie-hyung. for having such a sense-genius junior like me.. Changjung-hyung said he has music bank and walked off so I didn’t take a photo with him so I’m replacing it with (a photo of) taetiseo

Heebummie seems to be getting sentimental in the Fall too. If I don’t bring him along when I go to sleep(,) he keeps crying. So if I let him into the room(,) he cries and wants to go out.. when I saw Heebummie with severe moodswings(,) “ah you bastaXX” naturally came out unknowingly (from my mouth)^-^ you crazy fella(,) let hyung have some sleep tooT^T http://instagram.com/p/fSv8Tvo-S3/



In midst of recovering my phone data. Instagram, weibo, kakaotalk, cookie run.. Looking at it now, I don’t really use apps. On my computer desktop too, I only have ‘my computer’ and ‘League of Legends’.



Kim bipolar siblings. A picture that shows my body line well. But I went out with (what looks like he’s not wearing a bottom) fashion, and almost froze to death.. Today’s lesson- Too much exposure is not good.


i will be able to meet you in china. When i write like that does the meaning get translated correctly? My posts keke




There are still a lot of people at Guy Lee Donghae’s Taco restaurant. Their manners are very good since everyone isn’t like guy Lee Donghae^-^ But is there anyone who knows why this guy Lee Donghae is Lee Donghaek?


yah, my style was the best during this time..i need to make my hair longer. it’s short so its boring

Source: kimheenim
Translated by: @NKSubs
Videos cr: sakuramomoko89


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