[Transcipt] 131021 KBS Kiss The Radio – Heechul & Kangin

Kangin Heechul said Siwon sent a picture of the radio(and his face) in group SJ chatroom. HC: Dunno why he’d send a pic of his face with it

Guest: I heard that Kangin sunbaenim do well to elders.
Heechul: That is why it’s called a ‘rumor’.
Kangin: Please turn off the bora cam. /gets up and grabs a waterbottle/
Heechul: /screams/

Sukira- Heechul: Why is my face cut from Bora? Please make it show well
Guest: Heechul-ssi checks the screen even while doing the broadcast?
Heechul: I do. I don’t look at the script, I look at myself.
Kangin: He says anything he wants to say

Kangin: Ryeowook is a really scary kid. Members would be doing things, and he’d be sitting on the side quietly, on his phone. Then he’d suddenly say “Hyung hyung!! can I say this on the radio??” then he goes and says it on the radio. He’s very scary.

Heechul says he is really bad at making ramen ㅋㅋ

Kangin: (Heechul) only says “Kangin-ah~” when he’s hungry

Kangin: It’s said that you’re likely to win rock paper scissors if you think ‘I will win’ HC: let’s try it. Beige vs Kangin. (Kangin lostㅋㅋ)

Heechul: I would leave money on my table, and Kangin-ssi… Donghae-ssi, one by one, the money disappears.

Heechul: What type of girls do you like? Ones that ask you out to dinner first, or ones that push-pull you?
Kangin: To be honest, if the girl were to ask me out first, I would think ‘does she want something from me?’ and if she push-pull me, I would think ‘does she not like me?’
Heechul: He’s the type to be dedicated.

Kangin: we will listen to 2AM’s Even If I Die, I Can’t Let You Go and return to reading more entries.
Heechul: Ah you should let go if (she/he) died.


Kangin: I also have hard time (rejecting when people give ad papers to him on street). Many times, the ones who hand those papers out are grandmothers. So I accepted them all.
Heechul: he’s a kid with very warm heart, despite the looks ㅋㅋ
Kangin: ..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Heechul: Donghae-ssi cannot have long conversations.

Kangin: It’s because he hasn’t practiced talking much
Guest: but he seems to be doing well these days on variety!
Heechul: He has gotten better but if you keep making him talk, he will cry

 Guest: Kangin-ssi eats meals with hoobaes often.
Kangin: Ah it’s not that I go out to eat with them. If I run into them, I pay for their meals while paying for mine

Kangin registered for a baseball game recently. He tried many nicknames and couldn’t find any available. In the end, he used “Kangin team”

Translated from Korean to English by: @NKSubs
Shared by: sup3rjunior.com


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