JYJ’s Yoochun and pro golfer Ahn Shin Ae rumored to be dating + C-JeS denies

JYJ’s Yoochun (28) and pro golfer Ahn Shin Ae (24) have been swept up in dating rumors.

According to sources surrounding the two stars, Yoochun has especially been getting into golf recently and the two were able to get close playing golf together at a golf club in Seoul.

The rumors suggest that the supposed couple have been dating for several months and are serious about one another with Ahn Shin Ae’s parents even having met Yoochun and are in approval of the two’s relationship. It’s said Yoochun makes frequent visits to the screen golf facility that Ahn Shin Ae’s parents own in Gangnam, Seoul, and that her parents have also met with Yoochun’s mom.

One source stated, “It is true that Yoochun and Ahn Shin Ae are dating… Considerate Yoochun and refreshingly carefree Ahn Shin Ae are currently meeting each other in good faith.”

Another source stated, “As much as they received their parents’ blessing, they are in a serious relationship… Since Ahn Shin Ae is currently in the middle of her season, the excessive interest might cause a distraction so it is a concern.”

With the rumors being reported, C-JeS Entertainment has released a statement denying the speculations: “This is to inform you that the dating rumors about Park Yoochun and golfer Ahn Sin Ae are not true… Yoochun did once meet golfer Ahn Shin Ae when he was at a gathering with acquaintances who also enjoy golf while he was learning golf at the beginning of this year. However, it is completely untrue that they are dating like it has been reported. Please keep this in mind and do not exaggerate the situation.”

Source + Image: SBS E! via NateSports World
Credit: allkpop


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