Big Bang’s T.O.P said to be releasing a solo album possibly in November as well

VIPs have even more good news in store as Big Bang‘s T.O.P is also said to be in the midst of getting ready to release a solo album!

Taeyang‘s comeback is just around the corner, but according to various reports, sources at YG Entertainment have revealed that T.O.P may also be releasing his solo album in mid November.

One rep from the agency is said to have commented, “T.O.P, who has prepared for his solo track in secret, will be kicking off his solo activities mid November… T.O.P’s new music video is directed by Seo Hyun Seung.”

However, another rep told another source, “It’s true that he’s releasing a solo album. However the exact time period for release hasn’t been decided on yet. We will reveal it when details are in place.”

It’s also rumored that a lot of money has been invested into this new MV, leaving fans to anticipate a high quality video.

It seems like the month ahead may just get even busier for the members of Big Bang, who will also be kicking off their Japan tour, as well as their fans, if T.O.P’s solo release date is indeed confirmed for November!

Credit: allkpop


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