JYJ’s Junsu attends ‘C-JeS Workshop’ with labelmates

JYJ‘s Junsu commented on the recent C-JeS Entertainment workshop he attended with his labelmates.

He tweeted on the night of October 28, “I just finished the C-JeS workshop. Choi Min Sik sunbaenim and Sul Kyung Kyu sunbaenim, Lee Jung Jae sunbaenim, Park Sung Woong sunbaenim, Kang Hye Jung noona and of course, Jaejoong hyung as well as the newest arrival Gummy nuna.”

He added, “Sul Kyung Kyu sunbaenim spoke. He said that C-JeS is a place for wounded souls to gather. He said that we’ve all been hurt and laughed out loud. I nodded. We even proposed to change the agency’s name to Recuperation Entertainment.”

Considering JYJ’s troubles with their previous label, it looks like C-JeS Entertainment is treating them well!

Credit: allkpop


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