[Twitter] 131028-29 Junsu updates

He came to visit at my house..IR.ON.MAN..!!!!!!Please protect me~~

Let’s go Iron Man!

CJES workshop just ended. Choi Minsik sunbaenim, Seol Kyeonggu sunbaenim, Lee Jungjae sunbaenim, Park Sungwoong sunbaenim, Kang Hyejeong nuna and of course Jaejoongie hyung and even Gummy nuna, who just joined us. Seol Kyeonggu sunbaenim said… That CJES is the gathering place of pained souls..

At those words, we agreed that we share one pain and laughed loudly. We nodded.. and recommended that the company name be changed to Recuperation Entertainment starting today..lol

Source: @1215theXiahtic
Translated by: Shinkipeia


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