[Instagram|Twitter] 131102-04 Sunny updates



아이스크림주세요~사랑이담겨있는!두개만주세요~♥ ice cream~ ice cream~ I melt you down like ice cream♥ #아이스크림 #icecream



잠이깨버렸어…그래서..컬러링을바꿨쪙ㅋㅋㅋ사진은그냥..갑자기이새벽과잘어울린다는생각에…*=_=*ㅋㅋㅋㅋhave some #milk!!kkk..goodnight! and sweet dreams♥ #잘자~~



Thank you, our SONEs!!! For making IGAB the music video of the year.. We’ll do even better!! We’ll answer back with even better songs, music videos and performances!! Our 10th member(s)*!!! Thank you so much and I love you~^^♥ Thanks for everything my lovers!!! Party tonight! Rock!!!! Kkkk #ymta #sone

Source: svnnynight
Translated by: kymmie

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