Park Yoochun Will Play An Elite Bodyguard In “Three Days”


Park Yoochun

After he finishes filming the movie “The Sea Fog,” Park Yoochun will return to the small screen in the SBS drama “Three Days.”

The drama will focus on a president who disappears after shots are fired. Yoochun plays Han Tae Kyung, one of the president’s elite bodyguards.

According to his agency C-JeS Entertainment, Yoochun was attracted to the drama because of its well-crafted script and the possibility to work with the drama’s writer and director. Kim Eun Hee, who wrote the CSI-style forensics drama “Sign” and the hacker thriller “Phantom,” wrote the script for “Three Days.” The director, Shin Kyung Soo, who worked on “Deeply Rooted Tree” was also a draw.

“He read the synopsis and decided to star in it without any hesitation,” said C-JeS.

And the response to that decision has been overwhelmingly positive.

“His appearance in the drama has excited fans throughout Asia and Europe,” said C-JeS. “Some companies are already planning on buying the drama.”

The fact that companies would bid to buy it without seeing a single episode is a testament to Park Yoochun’s successful acting career.  He was already a very popular singer in TVXQ and then JYJ before he ever decided to act. His successful acting debut as a Joseon-era scholar in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” proved that he had as much screen presence as stage presence. He next starred in “Rooftop Prince” “Miss Ripley” and “Missing You.”

Despite his busy schedule with JYJ, the singer-turned actor took the time to study acting and his dedication was apparent in the range of roles he has taken on since his debut. His first roles were uncomplicated but interesting characters. With “Miss Ripley,” his character Song Yoo Hyun was a gentle man but one haunted by sadness. And his performance as the detective Jung Woo in “Missing You” showed that he could master a tortured guilt-ridden character.

In the film “Sea Fog,” he plays Dong Sik, a crew member of a fishing boat that smuggles stowaways from China to Korea with some disastrous results. Dong Sik falls for one of the stowaways and begins a passionate onboard affair.

In the action thriller “Three Days” he will attempt yet another kind of role, but there are no doubts that he will succeed in his portrayal as he has in every role so far.

Netizens seemed delighted that he took on this role.

“Wonderful news,” said one netizen. “Always wanted him to act in a spy drama/movie. Another said. “Oh yay, another drama? Elite bodyguard? This is gonna be awesome.”

Credit: kdramastars


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