EXO Xiumin – “Prior to my debut, I’ve always looked up to TVXQ”

Xiumin has revealed that he has always looked up to TVXQ.
On the 3 November broadcast of SBS Power FM “Park So Hyun’s Love Game”, EXO Xiumin revealed that before he became a trainee at SM, he had already liked TVXQ.
Xiumin recalled his first meeting with TVXQ, “Before entering the company, I looked up to TVXQ sunbae-nim. 2 weeks after I joined the company and became a trainee, I met them for the first time during their activities for “Mirotic”. I was very excited”.
Further, he said excitedly, “When I first met them, I couldn’t say a single word. Although I’ve debuted, I still get nervous when I meet Yunho sunbaenim and Changmin sunbae-min now. I still have the “fan” mentality”. DJ Park So Hyun agreed, “The power, singing abilities, or charisma of the both of them, even looking at those now, they’re the best”.
When asked to pick the artiste which he wishes to stand on stage together with, Xiumin also chose TVXQ. Xiumin expressed his respect for them, “Wouldn’t it be so ecstatic for me if I were to butt in between the 2 of them (if I were to join the relations between the 2 of them), how good would that be”.
Source: Newsen
Translated by : @mug_ping
Shared by: DBSKnights

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