Lee Seung Hyun
(Main vocal)

Name: Lee Seung Hyun (이승현)
Stage Name: Seungri / Victory / V.I
Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Actor
Birthdate: 1990, December 12
Birthplace: Gwangju, South Korea
Height: 176cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: A
Family: Parents and younger siblings
Labels: YG Entertainment
Debut: 2006 (Big Bang)


BIGBANG discoghraphy


2006 The Next Day
2008 Strong Baby (ft. G-Dragon)
2011 What Can I Do
2011 VVIP


2011 VVIP

2011 What’s Up (as Ha Do Sung)

2008 Sonagi
2009 Shouting

2008 Why You Did Come To My House?
2009 Nineteen



1. Seungri’s car is a black jaguar
2. Seungri was inspired by a chicken which could fly that he saw on television.

    “I could still remember very clearly the inspiration that this chicken brought me, I have to learn from it to grab the chance which is less than 0.01 % and do the things that even I myself don’t believe that I can attempt successfully. I was a very ordinary chicken not long ago. I have wings but I did not know how to fly but now I am using them to fly to the sky and trying to challenge the ‘impossibility’. I know how to fly now. Therefore, Seungri is ‘a chicken which can fly’” – Seungri

3. Seungri likes to play legos
4. Seungri’s ex-girlfriends watched his musical ‘Sonagi’.

He sent her the tickets (he gave her the best seats). He was singing the last song when suddenly their eyes met. Tears were running down his face before he knew it

5. The reason Seungri and his ex-girlfriend broke up is they couldn’t date properly as Seungri was busy with Bigbang’s activities and slowly they drifted apart. That girlt started dating her senior in university even before they broke up.
6. When Seungri first became interested in dance in middle school, his father was an avid supporter. His parents said they were happy that he found something he liked.
7. “When I was young, my dream was to become a comedian because it felt good when people laughed because of me. I would make little skits with my friends and show people.” -Seungri.
8. VVIP, White Love, and Outro (In My World) in VVIP album are made in one day.
9. G-Dragon used to hold Seungri while sleeping when they lived in their first apartment even though he had his own room.
10. Seungri produced, composed, and wrote the lyrics of 6 out of 7 seven song in VVIP Mini Album with 2 producers.
11. Seungri and G-Dragon have a habbit of sharing clothing items, they would mix-match each others’ shoes or tuxedos
12. Seungri has ever had a twitter account a few days back in August 2010. His username was sexybackv1 but he deleted it.
13. Seungri made his first mini album ‘VVIP’ in a week.
14. During his trainee days, Seungri slept at the station bus five times because there was no bus available to take him home to Gwangju and he also had no money so he didn’t have place to sleep.
15. During their first concert, BIGBANG thanked to 10.000 fans for coming. GD was about to cry to show his appreciation  for VIPS but Seungri beat him for it.
16. Seungri once refused TOP’s offer to go out for drink at night, but TOP reacted with such a scary expression  and Seungri thought his life was in danger.
17. Seungri has mistakenly worn GD’s underwear before.
18. Seungri’s younger sister is named Lee Hana.
19. For GD’s 19 birthday, Seungri wrote and inwardly recorded a birthday version of ‘Dirty Cash’, it was played during their ‘Always’ showcase and GD was totally surprised.
20. Seungri has his mom as #1 speed dial on his phone.
21. Seungri picked G-Dragon as the member he would date if he were a girl.
22. Seungri’s first kiss was in 9th grade at a park on a rainy day with his girlfriend, they kissed suddenly when they had eye-contact.
23. One time, Seungri secretly wrote something positive about himself on Bigbang’s cafe when he read something bad written about him.
24. Seungri’s outstanding dance skill is what earned him a position in YGent. YG said he had an outstanding ability to create his own dance routines.
25. Seungri secretly cried when he was rejected from becoming a member of Big Bang.
26. Seungri wan in a Gwangju dance team called ‘Ilhwa’
27. When Big Bang won their first broadcast award for Inkigayo in September 2007, Seungri cried upon hearing VIPs chanting “Congratulations for your first, we love you!” during their performance.
28. Seungri met his girlfriend during his dance performance in 9th grade; he saw her in the crowd and was attracted to her right away. Seungri looked for her afterward and asked her out. They had dated for 3 years.
29. Seungri would always get in trouble in school because he refused to cut his long hair.
30. Seungri is a huge fan of JYJ’s Junsu, Seungri got to nervous around him that the first time they met, he held on Junsu’s hand and wouldn’t let it go.
31. Seungri is a huge fan of soccer.
32. Seungri said if he crushed on a fan, he wouldn’t wait and ask for her cellphone’s number.
33. Seungri and BEG’s Gain are really good friends, they competed in ‘Battle Shinhwa’ together.
34. “My heart is vulnerable. I can’t get angry that much. Even when I should get angry, I don’t express it and just leave it in my head because I’m a blood type A.” Seungri.
35. “Maybe a lot of people think I’m always full of confidence but in reality, it isn’t entirely true. I have a fragile heart…very fragile. I don’t like showing my weakness to others so I just practice, practice, and act confident. Toward my (confident) self, I’m sometimes bothered when other members say, “Why are you so proud?”” – Seungri.
36. Seungri, TVXQ’s Yunho, and Wonder Gilr’s Yunbin are all from Gwangju and attended the  same elementary school. Before the Wonder Girls left for US, the three of them hang out together during their breaks.
37. G-Dragon and Seungri have the same shoes size so they ofter share shoes.
38. Seungri was traineed for a year before debuting as BIGBANG at the age of 15.

Source: wikipedia, various site


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