Shim Chang Min

Name: Shim Chang Min (정윤호)
Stage Name: Max Changmin / Choikang Changmin
Profession: Singer, Actor
Birthdate: February 18, 1988
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 184cm
Weight: 61kg
Blood Type: B
Education: 2nd year university student
Labels: SM Entertainment
Debut: 2006 December 2003 at ‘the BoA and Britney Spears showcase’ (as DBSK’s member)



DBSK’s dischoghraphy


Drama / Movie / TV Show

  • Banjun Drama: “The King’s Men”, “Tokyo Holiday”, “Finding Lost Love”, “Uninvited Guest”, “Dangerous Love”, “Unforgettable Love” (2006)
  • Vacation” (2006)
  • SBS ‘Athena – Goddess of War’– Choi Tae Hyeon (2010)
  • SBS “Paradise Ranch” – Han Dong Joo (2011)
  • SBS “Welcome to the Show” (2011)
  • Japanese Movie “Fly With The Gold (2012)
  • KBS “Moonlight Prince” (2013)
  • Fuji TV “Saki” (2013)



Luck number is 7
His favorite color is white
His hobbies are games, singing, reading and listening to music, goofing off with friends
His speacial abilities are singing and dancing
He is the pickest when it comes to girls
He has really thick hair
His dream girl is a cute girly girl with a lot of love, someone who can speak english, and has brown eys
He cries when he isn’t satisfied with his singing
His personality is shy and honest
He likes to read Harry Potter
He wants to visit Europe
His favorite fruits are tangerines, bananas, and oranges
His favorite animore is a dog
He wants to do everythin he can for the person he loves
He wants to receive everything he can from the person he loves
He wants to do a lot of things with the person he loves, including walking together
He doesnt like people to sit close to him when he is reading
He will eat what ever is infront of him
He eats about 8 meals a day
When he gets sick he doesnt let people kno
He gets sick really easy
He wrote the lyrics for the song “Love In The Ice”
He relpies to all his fan’s sms messages
He has the worste eyes out of the whole group
He has to wear contacts
He is amazed by girls who can speack english
He is the youngest member of TVXQ
He is the tallest member of TVXQ
He sleeps the longest
When asked how he would propose to the girl he liked he answered “Well, I never even had a girlfriend before so its something that I cant even dream about doing. But if there is something that I would want to do with her is to wake up at around 4-5 AM and go jogging with her.”
When he was asked what he wanted his girlfriend to call him he answered “Hey or something liek that something comfortable and friendly” but Jeajoong called him out and said he would wanted to be called something like “Cutie”
His favorite season is winter
He doesn’t like girls with bad personalities
His favorite sports are baseball and basketball
When he first sees someone he looks at their eyes first
He has never had a girlfriend
He wants 2 or 3 kids
He sings or listens to music when he is stressed
His prized possesion is his family
He acts suddenly
He smiles a lot
He doesnt get mad easily
He was the happiest when he first walked into SM Entertainment


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