Skrillex, Diplo, G-Dragon, and CL rumored to be working on a collaboration

According to Canadian producer and director RoK, it appears SkrillexDiplo, G-Dragon, and CL may be all working together on some collaboration.

He had recently tweeted, “Collaboration with Skrillex Diplo GD and CL,” and revealed later, “I’m the video producer for the project.

This has not yet been confirmed, but if it is true, fans definitely have something to look forward to!

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Heechul talks about his royalty income for composing Orange Caramel’s ‘Shanghai Romance’

JTBC‘s ‘Ssul Jeon‘ discussed songwriters on November 7, which naturally brought up Heechul’s very own debut composition for Orange Caramel.

Heo Ji Woong said, “I really like Orange Caramel.  I heard that Heechul composed a song for Orange Caramel,” referring to the song “Shanghai Romance.”

Heechul revealed, “I’m close with the chief of Orange Caramel’s agency.  While we were drinking together, he made an offer.  I have a knack for this, as well.

He continued, “The royalties were quite good.  While in the army and when the song was doing well, I would receive over 3 million won (~ $2,800 USD) a month.

After reciting the lyrics of the song, Kim Gu Ra suggested they were immature: “You should have written something with depth–what is this?  You sure a kid just learning to write for the first time didn’t write this?

Heechul said, “In the second verse, I wrote parts like that.  After the chief read ‘I can only meet you if I rode a plane there, but as I have no money, I can neither go nor see you,’ he said, ‘It’s a different way of thinking.  I can sympathize,’ so I received the okay.

However, Heo Ji Woong said in surprise, “That’s worth 3 million won (~ $2,800 USD) in a month?

Heechul replied, “This is worth 30 billion won (~ $28 million USD).  This is not a joke–after writing this song, I got a few offers, but I couldn’t do them out of public interest,” making everyone laugh.

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Jaejoong’s Korean Album Ranks Fourth on Japan Oricon Weekly Chart

Jaejoong’s Korean Album Ranks Fourth on Japan Oricon Weekly Chart

Kim Jaejoong’s first solo studio album, “WWW: Who, When, Why,” took number four on the Japanese Oricon Chart.

According to a representative of C-JeS Entertainment on November 6, “Kim Jaejoong is surprising Japanese music officials by holding a rank in the Japan Oricon Weekly Chart with a Korean album.” The rep also stated, “There was no promotion done in Japan. Thus, if we add the number of imported albums sold in record stores in Japan, we can see just how much popularity Kim Jaejoong’s album is receiving in Japan.”

In response to all the attention he is receiving, Kim Jaejoong plans to meet with 60,000 fans in Japan on November 15-16 at the Yokohama Stadium. A representative affiliated to the concert said, “There is only a handful of solo singers in Japan who can fill the Yokohama Stadium. Fans in Japan have great expectations for the show after hearing that Kim Jaejoong’s performance in Seoul was a success.”

Kim Jaejoong’s firs solo album, “WWW: Who, When, Why,” consists of many genres including soft rock, pop funk, britpop, and ballad. Many well-known artists participated in the album including Glay’s TakuroYoon Do HyunNoel’s Lee Sang GonHa Dong Kyun, and BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung.

The singer captivated his audience at the “Kim Jaejoong First Album Asia Tour Concert” which took place on November 2-3 at Coex in Seoul.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong’s first solo album topped the iTunes charts in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Barbados, Lithuania, Vietnam, and Slovakia. The album also ranks within the top 30 in Norway, Belgium, Finland, and the U.K.

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SM Entertainment Presents Its First Music Festival, “SMTOWN Week”

SM Entertainment Presents Its First Music Festival, “SMTOWN Week”

Singers of SM Entertainment will hold a large-scale music festival, “SMTOWN Week.”

“SMTOWN Week” will be held December 21 to 29 at the Ilsan Kintex. SM singers includingTVXQSuper JuniorGirls’ GenerationSHINeef(x), and EXO are planning special performances.

“SMTOWN Week” will commence for the first time as artists present various performances one after the other. The festival is predicted to attract 10,000 people and become the first large-scale K-Pop festival in Korea’s history. It is expected to lead to another concert brand similar to “SMTOWN Live.”

“SMTOWN Week” will begin on December 21 with SHINee’s performance. Girls’ Generation will heat up the stage on December 22, f(x) and EXO on December 24-25, TVXQ on December 26-27, and Super Junior on December 28-29. A variety of exhibits will also accompany the concerts and is expected to create an exciting festival.

TVXQ will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on December 26 and will be putting on a special show. Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee are also preparing a different performance separate from their tours.

Tickets to “SMTOWN Week” will go on sale at 8 P.M. KST on November 8 through G Market.

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Super Junior Invited to Speak at Oxford University

Super Junior Invited to Speak at Oxford University

Super Junior will be guest speakers at the prestigious Oxford University in England.

According to a representative from SM Entertainment, “Super Junior will be giving a lecture at the Oxford Union Debating Chamber at Oxford University on November 10.” The event was created by Oxford University’s Asia Pacific Association along with the Oxford University Korean Student Association. The representative also added, “Once the announcement was made, 300 people signed up to attend the event within three days.”

According to a representative affiliated with the hosting organizations, “Korean culture is gaining lots of attention in Europe. We wanted to invite a Hallyu star that would match the prestige of Oxford University, and Super Junior was a suitable candidate.”

Meanwhile, Super Junior recently performed in Mexico City at the “Super Junior World Tour Super Show 5 in Mexico City.

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T.O.P Would Not Let His Younger Sister Date a Big Bang Member

T.O.P Would Not Let His Younger Sister Date a Big Bang Member

Who would not love a big brother like T.O.P?

Only someone who is deeply in love with a Big Bang member, it seems.

Rapper-turned-actor T.O.P sat down with TV Daily for an interview right before the premiere of the movie “The Alumni.” He opened up about his on-screen little sister Kim Yoo Jungand answered a few questions regarding little sisters in general.

In the movie, T.O.P plays the role of a North Korean agent Ri Myung Hoon, who agrees to go on a mission to South Korea in order to protect his one and only little sister Ri Hye In(Kim Yoo Jung). He is a true “sister’s brother” who always thinks about his little sister first.

The actor, who was revealed to be the mood-maker on set, revealed, “Yoo Jung is the younger one, but she is so concentrated and mature that most of the time I felt like I was the one joking.”

When asked what he thinks of the saying that men have a certain fantasy about younger sisters, he answered, “I think that it is true. In case of a young and childish sister I would probably not say this, but if I had a sister like Kim Yoo Jung I would probably care for her a lot. I would not do bad things to her and just live a honorable and faithful life. I find that there is something deep about the relationship.”

However, when it came down to whether T.O.P would introduce his imaginary little sister to a Big Bang member, he immediately responded, “If I had a sister, would I introduce her to one of our members? They are cool guys, but this has nothing to do with that. Would I let them close to my family?” he laughed and added, “If someone made my younger sister cry, our team work could be negatively affected, so it is not good to mix family and work.”

T.O.P is currently promoting “The Alumni,” which hit the theaters on November 6 and immediately took the top spot of the box office.

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